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Bulk deformation of Ti6.8Mo4.5Fe1.5Al timetal LCB alloy

Recently, a lowcost near titanium alloy Timetal LCB Ti6.8Mo4.5Fel.5Al wt containing iron and molybdenum has been developed. This alloy is cold formable in the microstructure and can be aged to high strengths by precipitating the a phase. Due to its combination of cold formability and high strength, the alloy is a potential replacement for steel components in the automotive ...Cited by: 7

Preparation and properties of Ti4.5Al6.8Mo1.5Fe alloy ...

01/09/2013 0183 32Highvelocity compaction HVC technology was adopted to press titaniumbased powders produced by blended elemental powder process, and lowcost titanium alloy Ti4.5Al6.8Mo1.5Fe was prepared through vacuum sintering at 1050, 1150 and 1250 176C, respectively.The forming ability of blended powders by HVC and properties of alloys prepared at different temperatures were investigated.Cited by: 1


Ageing response of subtransus heat treated Ti6.8Mo4.5Fe ...

15/11/2017 0183 32This research examined a metastable titanium alloy, Timetal LCB Ti6.8Mo4.5Fe1.5Al in wt. , which was designed to be used primarily in the automotive industry e.g. suspension springs . The objective of this study was to investigate phase transformations occurring during low temperature ageing of subtransus heat treated condition with primary phase precipitated on / ...Cited by: 11

Titanium beta alloy Ti4.5Fe6.8Mo1.5Al SubsTech

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